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Related article: Date : Wed, September 20, 2003 March 14. 33 -0500 From: Veronica Subject : Britney Catering I started with the intention of the Commission just a story. However, I see no possibility that the following chapters. If I can not write not hate me. If I do, I hope you enjoy Preteen Porn them too. This is not to which is the name of Britney Spears or defame his character. It's a fantasy complete, although a bit on the basis of my own life and career. I know, , which is long, but that is for the romantic, more like a " Wam Bam wants to Thank you ma'am" to their stories. ************************************** when I was in the catering staff have been recruited at the local level, which is total ignorance of the benefits that comes with the job. It turns out that even if a few months experience, you are able to comply with celebrities when their concerts rolling through the city. Well, I'm not one of the rave about this aspect of my work, because so far I've only worked with artists of Good Charlotte and New Found Glory. Recently I place to really discuss what goes on backstage. My second concert was last concert of restoration, Britney Spears. I am sure many of us have a few fleeting sexual thoughts pop singer at one time or another, but my passion for the stars had been in the top since I saw the cover the sexy Rolling Stone magazine, only in their n underpants. He had inadvertently moved in me feelings that I had I never really noticed, because they only had focused on the extraction of the the care of children, like all students. I was confused by feelings of this s new, but I knew exactly what he wanted. Despite my total enthusiasm always wait for Britney Spears and hand s foot, according to their wishes, I was very distressed. I meant from a professional in my work, which translates as " not mentioned the stars, if not talk to you and not bothered to take pictures or autographs, they are there to relax before the concert. " Y in mind, I went to my bedroom and in the city to the sand. After passing through security checks required on the back door n with my ID checked twice for its validity, I finally, in the field of backstage area. I think my boss, my official " work " Backstage Pass sent to the showroom restoration cleaning tables, while the crew of the , have dinner. it was two hours until the show, when Britney it was cleared for dinner after the crew to make final preparation for the show. by of course, I mixed in the walls, as I do if you must have a clear record or a soda. to my surprise, when Britney had contributed to the buffet and sat down, she recognized my presence with a polite "hello", what did I blushed and nodded to. return n This was much to his delight, as she laughed and said, "What is your name n Amber? "She says, after seeing my name tag. " Well, amber, without being n as professionaland just about everything, I'm not thinking of converting to of complaints about not everything perfectly. " " Thank you, Ms. Spears, "he replied cautiously. left fork and laughed again, falling in southern sweet accent. " I told you about formalities ? fall Just call me Britney. " A little amused and relieved I was not going to walk on eggshells all night to this pop star thanked me mercy. " Please sit down, I'm sure you have at your feet every day, "he said, said the seat in front of it. although I've only been work for an hour and feet well, I accepted the offer, says that the opportunity, perhaps learning to know. " well," he began, he noticed my discomfort about a conversation " Tell me, Amber, how many old are you? " " 21 " I said, he began to relax a little, knowing that she was 21 n This could become a kind of common basis for discussion. " you'rand 21, too, right ? " I ventured. " Indeed I do. It was his birthday every paint ? "Asked. " Well, if it's going to Applebee s with his parents and grandmother for dinner So Birthdays are 21, then yes ! " This apparently beaten to turn your funny bone, when it began. " Sounds like you really party until then! This is fine, but celebrating is not really a big deal anyway, as I'm sure now I know. " In fact, I know so far, I've never had much taste for alcohol - o smoky clubs. I liked how it read to me seemed like a book, way she could read my mind. We hope that he could not read all the n them. the weather was definitely a big jump for us to be family. not only our days, the parties were behind us already, but we both equally amazing in the area of ​​dating, I was Preteen Porn both the concentration of the College, from which he never in one place more than a week after another n to my surprise, she told me. months have passed since the in the vicinity of any person in any manner. I hoped she was not aware of my ears at the same time red. was also one of my stories of my college professors fascinated and is the frequency of fun activities that occur in a classroom when you are paying attention to students rather than the teacher. Obviously, do not miss the experience of going to college like everyone else our Age. After he told me he was going to spend a week relaxing in the city n before the flight to your next concert, asked if he might one day over the my ​​classes. What's a girl to do when you want to follow Britney Spears for a day? Definitely not refuse your request. The conversation finally fell into an awkward silence and Britney looked at the clock. " Shit, I have made wardrobe, I'm on stage in 30," The sudden outbreak took me from my serene little bubble, I stammered n to respond, saying the administration " OK, well be with you, talk of luck! " " Thank you, great sessionYou! I will find after the show, not away, " he said as the door broke. And so he ran of the door and around the corner n again in your wardrobe. A \\ \\ wake myself completely in my dream world in question, whether or not just have a chat girl girl with Britney Spears, I managed to delete away from their plates without an individual holder - is , n with someone ran past restoration room and shouted, "Thank you again for talking to the girl, Amber! " It scared me so much that I made ​​the two glass plates and covered with that was, made a crash to the ground. I turned about, no one actually yelled what the expectation to get no release some tension, n by the cries of a new non- food service staff had not learned yet not to be noisy arena. however, when I about, ready to embark on a verbal assault was, in fact, Britney, If you had to be stopped at the door when he realized that he would let me dishes. placea verbal attack, it happened to smile and how to do that was to abandon. " Oh Oh, sorry, I'm not afraid to Amber, I think it should be realized that like to be clean and not expect someone to walk past, such as shout that "Britney apologized when they rushed to help pick pieces of porcelain. The two begin to avoid the collection, , but unfortunately we have timed it just right, and ended up head- all other at full speed, the establishment of the two in the ass and in a fit of uncontrollable laughter, we believe that both our heads. " Ooooh... damn it... my bad, I'm sure that seems too bad for you tonight, so the kitchen and you drop your head- you, I am Dennis Rodman or something like ". "do not worry about Britney, do not worry, we have more records in the 2000 s kitchen. In my head I do not know yet? I can not replace" the meantime, my previous inhibitions about being Britney even went to on the track, and my sarcastic commentsmade everyone laugh again. "is not necessary to be on stage like... now ?" I reminded her. " Oh, shit,yesthank you!" With these words, she stood up and offered his hand to help me, which I gladly accepted. moved me back and took my hand, I found a second longer than you normally would, and I felt a fingernail to scrape the bottom of my wrist slightly. Is that a clue? No, do not blink, a piece twinkle in his eyes. We both noticed the sudden silence, and voltage, we offer our hands and hasty farewell to each other as I n heard the music rises to a deafening level, and she ran of minutes I later found out from the audience burst into laughter. It made me showers, remember that time strange that only had in common, and know that it was before 20 000 screaming fans who wanted to be near her n - And I was the one to be the closest. I have spent many tedious, endless night, bored at the weddingReceptions n corporate banquets, but never a night passed so slowly. Once the begin ny concert everyone is busy, the program executes the restoration employee has nothing to do, so use access keys and my backstage pass to watch the concert from side of the stage behind the audience barrier ( Another advantage of the work). View Britney dancing, spinning, and pulled her hair was always for me so bad I had put in the let cool concrete floor, I was clear and calm mind. I looked again when the music n the current song to the end and started looking directly to me. Preteen Porn She jumped off the stage for a costume change and 5 break minute, while her dancers filled the time. I know I broke into a smile stupid stupid as I did, however, saw the hell was I do Preteen Porn not care. I could not stop n to notice that he had broken a sweat all over the body and gasp of serious dance show. " Hey, enjoy the show ?" He asked, again by hand ms of Pull me at my feet. " Yes, absolutely, it's good that a dancers are incredible," brought me, I really wanted to say how incredibly sexy it looked up there in the tank top belly -baring and torn jeans. But instead of front of me and looked very sexy n her belly -baring halter pants up and broken. Back again could not keep my smile. I realized that s still holding my hand. realized this time, but this time we have not let it go and laugh nervously. Our eyes met and stayed that the other hand, none of us knows what to think. I know we both felt , I could see in our eyes -.. both felt the same rush of electricity, when our eyes met squeezed my hand a little, and smiled in answer Yes, she Preteen Porn had felt. "Oh, no, I am distracted over again, I also will keep the final stage this afternoon, though I die !" I said as she took our time, hidden among the crowd of screaming No young people through a thin curtain. She laughed and ran to her closet n to change. " God", I said to myself when I went a couple of chairs in the hall the rest of the series, see " what the hell happened ? " SAT I s and put his feet on the extra chair, half and half dreaming even the brilliant performance in front of me. Finally, the show ended, and I was relieved when she was only a addition. I felt I could not wait any longer to get to talk about Britney over again. I stood up when I saw her walking down the stairs of the stage - that will turn right on me. " impressive," he said. "Just Fucking amazing, Britney. " " Thanks, everything is true in a night's work, right? " She answered jokingly. "Hey, I'm to take a quick shower and some clothes. I know I said it's not much in the party scene, but I love you n and for a drink for headaches is likely to have, right? I had all night. "I had not noticed. My head was pounding, in fact,bing something that we split our skulls together that afternoon. "What? Oh, yes it would be fun. Finish my shift and I shower. I refuse to wear a penguin suit hit. " In fact, this is our jersey tuxedo less full jacket. "does not look like that? Ah, but you look so cute s way," she said as she straightened my bow tie. I was hoping he was joking. At the same time, n I wanted to tell the truth. In any case, he shrugged his shoulders. "Okay, I'm on the clock at 11:00, you will find me when you are ready to go, I'm a... a," I said, maybe a little too flirty , as new work. I wanted her to be one of the n left after this time will be longer. rolled Surprisingly, November 00 around quickly, as I had a lot to keep busy. A at 11:00 o'clock, I felt a blow on the shoulder while I was stuck. sign my name, the leaf used a little slower than necessary, make me wait to lay eyes on whwhen it was definitely a great website. after crossing the T past, I turned around and found myself unexpectedly about Britney. She smelled of peppermint and herbs. I had pulled her hair still wet in a ponytail and wore glasses, something that adds more sex appeal to her, if that's possible. must be wore a pink baby -T that was probably less than a Baby T be - as close as you can see the silhouette light override bra her breasts. I saw? No... No, not s. If you did not say anything. Moreover, it had slipped to in a pair of white Capri. They hugged every curve of her amazing body. Celestial. " Hey, are you ready ?" 'I asked. " Yes, I have still a little shower and change clothes though. Is it okay if we stop for my first bedroom ?" " Yes, that's fine, never I've been in a real college dorm anyway ha. " " Now you are not missing much love! "Unfortunately, I was not lying. Though he lived on the campus of the Ritz "Carlton " of homes, not much to do. was not until we were in the parking lot, we recognize that we have decided not , as it gets anywhere. They had suspected not private means of transportation available, I spoke with them they have. " Well, it's a Benz, but it will take me from point a to point B! "I said, as , we get to do not care " hot "Grand Am " Oh, a car is a car, right? "She said. I went in, and grabbed n, avoid opening the door. I could not see from the corner of the eye, as she sat out the trap with a light pink rim in the top of her white panties, n looked as he slid his pants a little. I think I looked surprised, when I noticed her blush n a bit and pull the back of pants when he sat down. n I started the car and made a Preteen Porn dive for the moment the radio realized that unpublished hear new single at full volume. no need to create a situation unpleasantTION right ? After receiving N CD mixing a song is not Britney, I relaxed a bit and I went to my bedroom. The trip across the campus, he wonders about what the n to build and what my classes were. I entered the park long and we're the elevator to head to my room. She was apparently were delighted with our glass elevator and " grownupness " in general as said, to look for the bedroom. We na my room, luckily, my roommate conspicuous by their absence. " Go ahead, take a seat. My computer is on when Preteen Porn you need to select Preteen Porn the check E -mail or anything," I said as I walked straight to my bathroom, eager in the city taken with my new friend pop star. Nothing feels s better than Preteen Porn a shower after a long night of walking at work, and I broke among enjoy a nice long shower or her career. I allowed myself to do the above, had not shaved my legs in the morning and hopefully I did not know especially feel like sandpaper, if things in theAddress. "He was a big" if ", I thought. In the middle of my shower I realized that Britney was on my desk, probably with my computer. I remembered that my copy of Rolling Stone with Britney the cover is on my desktop, the desktop background and current n in the act of Britney in various stages of undress. "Shit," I said aloud, as I got the rest the shower dries quickly, threw a towel around me, I like the bathroom with the hope that perhaps struck by the increase before the account. Unfortunately, it was not time. "Then you have the magazine , eh ? "She asked rhetorically, with my copy of rolling Stone. " Yeah, you know, I read it for the articles ", I said, a reference to what n the common excuse for people buy Playboy magazine. " Haha, yeah, I'm sure you do. Tell me, Amber. I just checked my account E -mail, and I could not fail to have the background. Are you like some very obsessed fans ? "She looked a little worriedThe finger is based on your cell phone. "What Oh Oh, no, no, no, not sure I like their music ;?... I like most types of music that 's all," I stammered, trying desperately of to say nothing bad. " Oh, I see. And the desk? " "Britney, somehow we know now, I can be honest with you ? " I asked that the decision is now a good time as always. " Yes, of course. " Sounded care less, but I heard that n your voice an edge. " I really think you're beautiful and I liked the pictures and wanted to be n in a position to see when. That's all. " I knew I had snapped s like an idiot, and I felt view my face. I was at a time in the face. " Really? " He said, almost sounds a little breathless. "I 'm flattered, not someone I said, I felt I really wanted to say. I thank you. " With this, he rose and crossed the room to me when I realized that n just put my towel. She did not seem to have much attention, their eyes didn't leave Preteen Porn mine for a moment. And then, without interruption alert, leaned over and put a little softer than the feather-light, kiss on my lips. I was stunned. I never expected something to happen among us. I had hoped, but hopefully never! Moreover, there was only a kiss , is not it ? Maybe she kisses to all your friends Sun God, I hope not the case. She smiled as she walked away and felt fingers pulling simple in my towel. Instinctively I grabbed her and laughed. " Should not you be fixing, so we can get out of here ? " I snapped back to reality. "Oh yes, yes you're right, go n " I took a pair of jeans and a shirt from my closet and the new Pure black bra and underwear set, which had been waiting for perfect wear time. I think this night more than once. I retired to a hurry in the bathroom and ran some gel through my hair so I would not have waste time drying. Finally satisfied wiNo, as I looked I n left the bathroom. "Okay I'm ready, go! " I grabbed my handbag and Britney and I went back to my car. I went to exit the parking lot and stopped. "Why do we stop? " Britney asked me, looked a little confused. " Well, where are we ? To purchase, so you can choose " recalled that. " That's right, is my gift. What 's it going with us... Applebee toooo ? " I laughed at the fact that he remembered my hobby quiet bar u0026 grills smoky clubs. " Alrighty then Applebee," Luckily, most people had dispersed dinner when we got there, Do not wait for a table. The owner did a double take when Britney and I went, but she shook her head. Typical small town mind, I could see it work through the girl's head - "do not know tends to occur in the city, even if they have a concert... when would be n here " I smiled a little and pushed Britney to which she replied with aNo stick with it. I saw the same view on many of the pass customers as they walked to the back of the restaurant to the table. we have small talk about our beverages reached our mozzarella sticks, that enjoy both happy. He had not eaten before the concert, and I missed dinner altogether. We stood in silence, while not worked a complete mess of us coincided with melted cheese and Preteen Porn marinara sauce, but Unfortunately, the first sacrifice. She seemed not to realize that point the sauce had a little corner of the mouth. Take this very open time, I reached across the table to stroke it with my finger. place in mid-sentence when I touched it, a mixture of surprise and curiosity went through their eyes. I froze, even when she turned her head something, brushing his lips to the tip of my index finger before leaving with ease. I felt a chill in the back as his tongue flickered in the skin. I slowly took her hand and stared. for time, it felt like we were the only two people in the room. " Are you ready to get out of here ?" He asked, looking me straight in the eyes of s. I just nodded in return. She made a $ 50 on the table and up, surprisingly, took my hand and pulled me out of the restaurant. back in the car, we started back to his suite at the hotel when she suggested. His excuse that he had rarely speak to someone her age and not s going to spend the night alone in a hotel. When she put her hand on mine in the shifter, I doubt that his conversation was pure only reason for the invitation to his hotel room. My heart raced when she squeezed my hand gently. For the last traffic light before turning to his hotel, I went to thank of the drink, but before she could, she leaned over the console and gave me a kiss on the lips. My heart skipped a beat racing. Not the same light, friendly kiss she had given me in my room, it was a warm, passionatea kiss. The first blow fell on the road, as he felt that his tongue touch my lips, which parted with enthusiasm by his smooth tongue. The horn a blaring from behind the car that hit us. We laughed as he drove by the union and around the corner in the hotel parking lot behind. Britney waited behind me, his hand resting casually on the hips, while n dug the key to the hotel, look around and spot a girl a few sitting in the hood of his car when he realized that was the entrance the hotel. I could go on a series of flashing cameras before finally in the interior, where I dared to slip my arm around her waist, full, and turned to snapshots to a reporter sitting in a car through the door to see. that which is not noticed until it turned to greet what they thought was just the fans. We like deer in headlights, I'm sure catch. "" Shit, I whispered. "I hope you do not mind, never mind in a magazine. " " Uh, well, it was my goal for life," he said. We looked att each other, and looked at the photographers, however, taking pictures - and we both gave him before turning and go to the elevator to his suite. Once in the elevator, Britney stole her password see the exclusive level above, and leaned against the wall next to me for the ride n to 11 berths. I felt his fingers entwined with mine I raised my hand to his lips and kissed it gently pulls your face in front of for me to kiss, giving the same passion, but he was gentle kiss to me early in my car. She turned her body to mine, and press down to me, both in a warm and loving kiss. Our bodies so close that he could not say that his heart beat faster. is power. The elevator stopped and glanced at our kiss, he realized his bodyguard, who was parked in front of the elevator. He immediately broke in a fit of laughter, as I pulled into the hallway. "Hello doMoon, which is amber, it can be here for them? " After looking back and forth between the two of us for a moment, broke in a wide smile. " Well, I guess it is, seems to have given her, her n and approval ! " I started to run down the hall to his room, in the end, and that turned around and say," Well, it would be a terrible housewife, if I out now! No? " He said he turned to me again. " Absolutely terrible, "he said, almost brought down the hallway, eager to to privacy with Britney. has pushed my arms around her waist, standing behind her while she opened door. not being able to support her neck bare naked for me, so attractive that leaned over and kissed the side of neck, nibbling and sucking, savoring the taste of your skin. I felt a pause before opening the door and took me in. I was in his belt, kicked open the door to behind me, while I lips moved to the other side of his neck. feel hthat showers and rest on his chest, came around me in the castle latch on the door. I smiled to myself when I moved my lips to the n in the upper shoulder... I did not want any interruption of this good. Preteen Porn I s he moved his hands on his hips and sides of the thighs and pulled me nails before them, until my fingers brushed over his stomach naked. A moan escaped her lips and turned in my arms to look at me, threw her arms around my neck and looked into his eyes. " You know " he began. I felt his fingers on the back of the head scratching my ​​neck a little. "It's a while since I've been with anyone else. " his glasses down, did not, moving to an accident and slipped a lock of hair behind her ear, which is had fallen from her ponytail. "I know, you told me at dinner. " smiled. " You were right, I did. I guess what I meant dass.. I've never done more than kissing another girl, and it was just a challenge in aParty in middle school. I think I'm more than a little nervous. " I gently kissed his lips before answering :" Do not worry, you're the only n someone who does not know exactly what they are doing. " seemed to relax a little of this, and I was a little apprehensive that this is Preteen Porn a common occurrence for them, and I did not want to be competition with other girls. Britney leaned and gave me a kiss, this time no reason to stop, got lost in the kiss. I ran the top my ​​tongue over her lower lip, wins the answer I wanted. lips separated, slipped tongue in his mouth to yours to find. let my hands sliding slowly from the waist, brushed over her bare back to venture before a train pulled into her beautiful ass and neck the other. You released his tongue in my mouth, alternating exploring each other's mouths, each of us to try to be closer to the other. the growing passion between Britney and I helped to wash my nerves, , but II could not believe it was in this situation with women the most desirable world's most beautiful. I let my hands slide along the his ass and pulled it between her legs and pressed my fingers against her pussy s. I could feel the heat through his pants, and there was even a little humid. Britney bit my lip when I touched it, and got me out of my hand, not to go too fast for them. " Why did you leave ?" Asked, looking n to me with those beautiful brown eyes. "I thought I wanted. " You laughed. "Really ? No, I Preteen Porn will not stop, you only need I was surprised, that's all, I hope not hurt your lips! " I threw my tongue over my bottom lip wound, tasting a touch of blood. "Oh, I think I'll survive," he said as I reached them and made fun of nipples visibly strained against her tight shirt. Britney closed her eyes, like lifting Preteen Porn his shirt over his head, the two stopped groan when I ran my hands over her bare skin. It was too hot to touch,However, I saw him tremble. I bent down to her neck, kissing my tongue over them grazing warm skin, his lips moving in the neck and shoulders, causing grateful she moans. My tongue slid down into the valley between her breasts and grabbed her from behind, releasing the closure of her bra as he lowered his arms. took my lips from her skin to look into her eyes, as I n mocked her small hard nipples with my fingers. She smiled at me and I put his hand on the back of my head and opened his lips again on the skin. I forced joy, kissing one of her nipples before flicking her tongue n it. Britney moaned and leaned back, I felt the grip tighten on my hair and brought me closer. I sucked the nipple into his mouth and it is n with my tongue, let my teeth graze lightly. Do not drive with my On the other hand, wanted to ignore her other breast, gently tickled with my nails before the game and massaging the nipple, feeling it harden BeneANo fingers. Her lips moved to her other nipple, she did not want uneven attention to them. She shuddered when I tried it, capturing prepared. Britney was breathing faster and I know she s always more fun out of this was when most girls, I'm sure. that s nipple is incredibly sensitive. I ran my fingers over his bare stomach, she went below the waist his pants. Her hips moved a little on my touch. I loved him, and she wanted badly. I took my lips from her nipple and kissed her again, devours her mouth as she pulled me back with it until it hit the foot of the bed, and she had to sit. I felt his hands slide legs n and at the bottom of the shirt, as she did. Britney came to behind me and undid her bra, my breasts got up to discover. n happily returned the same treatment he had given her breasts. send feelings through my lips were almost unbearable. I Pulled the tie to let your hair flowing over her shoulders, so that my ​​fingers could run again. I wanted to see how your hair soft n was the first time I saw them on MTV and was not disappointed with the real thing. I knelt before it, that pout because my breasts were not and come to his lips. She broke into a smile, but when he saw n move my hands to unzip his pants and slowly pulled the zipper. saw the same white and pink panties I had seen before the auto-show when she opened the front of the pants. My mouth watered at sight, and I had to swallow me stop drooling of. He threw me on top of his pants and lifted his hips, I may, that slip over the hips and thighs. joined of his sandals and took me out to the ankles and completely. His legs were absolutely brilliant, an award for her years of dance. I could smell her arousal and it's crazyand even more hungry I ran the fingers through his hair back. "Amber, please, I need you tonight. " The desperation in his voice melted my heart. I bent and kissed the top of her thighs, opening her legs invitingly. I saw significant damp patch in her panties and grabbed my finger, is the massage and pressed on her underwear, he joked. resisted hips and moaned under my touch. I could not take it anymore : they asked me was to his liking. I took my fingers away from her, and removed her panties and reveals her wet notably, perfectly trimmed pussy. "Are you sure you want to do this? " I asked one last chance to decide what, , if they really wanted. " Yes, oh God, I do want, I need you baby. " That was all the encouragement I needed more. I found Britney is beautiful the legs apart, pulled open her swollen lips with his fingers, his the moisture to escape from his opening speech. He looked into my eyes and leaned downExecution of the tongue to the length of her pussy, her engorged clitoris, that rotate slowly with my tongue. Britney moaned and fell back on the bed , I put my head between her legs closer. I teased her clitoris with the tip of the tongue, so that your hips money every time you touched him. I held hips down with my hands and my tongue down, she got into her pussy, tasting her juices flowing freely now. "Amber does not stop, please stop, oh God. " Britney had asked me over again. I could not stop even if I had the desire to do so. I opened tongue in and out, slowly fucking her with her when she tried to press the continue on my tongue. I let the hips and pulled her tongue her clitoris, sliding two fingers instead wanted to know what they. My lips sucking her clit while my tongue in my mouth my jokes pumps accelerated the finger of her pussy, my crotch, when he started back Preteen Porn grind her hips against me. I slid my fingers in her Harder, the feeling of her pussy tight around with ease. I knew it would come soon, she moans have stronger by the second. I stopped flying on her clitoris, so that that scream of joy before quickly flicking my tongue against it. " Oh shit, I come, I will come! " She screamed and I felt that pulling my hair. I was hoping the security guard in the room was enjoy it. I looked up to see his face. His whole body was broken o sweat. Her hips resisted against me quickly and I could feel her pussy contract around my fingers. We were both moaning as she watched the waves after the wave of pleasure wash over her. I almost came from the observation of orgasm. ' Oh damn Christmas... Oh my God... My God... "He repeated, coming s down his incredible high. I let my fingers slide out of her soaking wet pussy and went to bed on his body to bend over and kiss his lips and let them treat their own juice in my mouth. "Amber was the Incredi... BLE. I have never found that. It was so perfect... wow. "I was still panting. that blushed a little extreme in the complement. " Well, I know a woman who needs a woman , right? " " God, of course. " You could put my face on the back, kissing me deeply as n I moved to lie beside her, running my fingers slowly over her body. love your body forever, it was so incredibly perfect. " Let \\ \\ n see if I have the same feminine intuition ? " I smiled and nodded his head, his body thrown on me as I rolled down my side of the back. They do not want to spend the time to mock me, as he had done \\ \\ n it. The hell was I do not care, I do not. I do not know if I feel like I able to stop when I played. Britney kissed me again and pulled out her lower lip between teeth, before over my body. put on pants and stood to let them leave with my new black underwear while she walked. let my hands back through of her hair as she lay between my legsHe looked to me for a moment, what I expected, just a little. "Please... " is all he had to say. Britney bent over and stuck his tongue in me. I gasped in sudden and incredible stimulation. I saw smile on my reaction, and went to work. She pushed her fingers over my clit s and started rubbing, pressure on her as she held my tongue. I do not know how he kept for as long as I have, I knew that he wanted to be the the night. I felt the bed move more than my own movements. I seemed to see Britney playing with her ​​pussy with his free hand. that s too much for me. She was as hot as I wanted and how bad. Orgasm increasingly shaken by my body, almost drag me away of his mouth, but she grabbed my legs and hugged me. I heard moan and could feel her trembling, too, and I knew she was with me. is just my own intense orgasm. It was too good to be true. and was high as a kite, as I saw her raise her head up, licks her lips. "Fuck, talk of intuition," I said when I started breathing again. "It was okay," he asked, very seriously, as it is moved to lie beside n to me. I laughed. "Are you kidding ? " I could not believe that this woman, who was The best of everything that seems to question something, what they did. "Brit, who was pulling awesome!" I bent down and kissed both of us bask in glow of our unbelievable. smiled and kissed me again before n in the session and go into the bathroom and return with a couple of suits, threw me. " Put that , I'm going to call room service and bed linen. I n really who has to sleep on the wet spot, you fight ? " I laughed. I knew what he meant. It was not so much as a wet spot as wetlands of the two of us. went to the bar, grabbed a couple bottles of water for us and put in the table with her when he called room service and room service. When Age ofTelephone, rose from his chair and straddled my ​​turn to kiss me again. I kept my hands want on the outside of her dress, not to start something that could not end before we were interrupted. He tried my hands where she wanted to start, but continued to beat their hands out. That tormented her and I knew that he loved. But soon there was a knock at the door. " Who's there? " He asked in a tone a little annoying, I thought. ", room Spears. She called a while ago? " I heard a male voice answers. Britney seemed to have forgotten for the moment. "Oh, Oh, yes, I will be too!" She jumped off my lap and ran to the door, unlocking the Allow room service, followed by cleaning with clean sheets. I have a double room temperature to complete. I knew I recognized the voice ! that s been my Exboyfriend. We would, because he is jealous of how much it broke talked about wanting a girl, the girl who is Britney Spears. I turned around, in the chair to do to look busy with the hotel s menu, but I could not help me. I got up and went to Britney, n was digging through her ​​purse looking for cash for a tip, saw Mike all the way until he was struck, as if he recognized me. did. He opened his mouth to say something, but I saw his eyes again and forth between Britney and me, on account of our matching robe, and the maid to change the bed. He joined again, as I slipped my arm around her the waist and kissed her neck and she was surprised when she focused on her purse. " Mmmmm... Amber gives me a minute to catch my breath, right? " She said, , and laughed. I got up again and blew a kiss to Mike. " Hey, Brit, I'd like to meet someone. " " Hmm? Really who?" He finally found the money had fallen of its portfolio and turn , putting my arms around his waist again. "Britney, this is my ex, Mike. Mike, this is Britney. Spears, " I said, content was really touches all on his face, a jealous fool. Mike blushed when Britney gave her advice. " Yes it is a pleasure to meet you," he said, adding that , his face red as a beet. "What is going on Mike? " I asked. "Jealous ? " I steam from the ears. Britney and I were trying not to laugh. I had told Mike, as he met her at dinner, but had not told him what I was jealous. threw the money doubled and I spun around, fortunately termination of service trucks behind. The two laughed. " She told me she was jealous, I was never told why," he said, once n calmed down a bit. "I do not feel it at the right time to say, he broke with me, because I wanted to catch you. " I heard the maid, the execution was polish a say in bed little quietly. probably was not the reason for the change of bed linen is realized so far. " Yeah, I guess you're right, I could have slappedThem. "I saw a n little dazed. " Or maybe you have kissed. " She laughed. While waiting for the girl to the end, I asked our midnight snack at the table corner. I noticed was that the Council intends to be young by Mike and a additional maximum equal. " Damn lucky girl. "I thought to myself, ", but not as lucky as me, " adding that at the last minute After dinner, we took off our clothes and got into the clean, fresh, , and most importantly, embrace the leaves dry, finish up close to each other. n "I'm glad I met you tonight," she said, and a lock of hair brushed away my. face, " I was willing to give up the relationship as a whole. I had no idea that could be as big and I could feel so connected to someone. " that raised eyebrows surprised ( and happy) that Britney has been under consideration had a relationship. " Well, I'm glad I met you tonight, as well. "It took me a break. " I felt a connection, too? "I had, in fact, they felt, but questioned she felt the same. My heart raced asI thought about the possibilities of this new discovery. " I knew, I knew she felt, I could tell, I could feel it n between us. " He spoke quickly, I knew she was thrilled. "The n may sound silly, but I feel like a new person and my best when I use , and not even know that you know very well yet, but maybe we can change Is this true? Am here for a week, I want to see, where possible, is do you want to continue? If not, I understand. "His voice sank, it was expected worse. "Britney, I'd be nothing but how to spend every moment for the rest my ​​life with you. " Looked at me as if I wanted to say "but. " I did not. squealed happily and kissed me passionately. They soon had our kiss becoming something new, as he pulled n my hand between her thighs These were wet again. " This woman is insatiable! " I'm more than happy to supply its queries. It was my job. I was not on the clock No more, but Who needs a paymentcheck?
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